The Perth Insight Meditation Group is a not-for-profit organization of a small group of people who support meditation retreats in Perth.

As the group has strengthened over a 15 year period, several Perth based retreats are organized annually, led by a range of visiting lay and ordained teachers invited from around the world.

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Steven Armstrong

Steve Armstrong began his dhamma practice in 1975 with senior Western teachers Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. After 10 years of retreats and service on staff and as Executive Director and Board member at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, he travelled to Burma where he ordained for five years as the Buddhist monk, U Buddharakkhita, and practiced intensive vipassana (insight) and metta (lovingkindness) at the Mahasi Meditation Center in Yangon with Burmese monastics Sayadaws U Pandita (mindfulness, metta, vipassana), U Lakkhana (vipassana), U Jatilla (vipassana), and studied abhidhamma with U Zagara in Australia.

Returning to the US in 1990, after disrobing to become a layman, he has led meditation retreats, including the annual 3-month retreat at IMS for 18 years. Since 2004, he has been practicing “mindfulness of mind” with Sayadaw U Tejaniya and now integrates the teachings of these two awareness and insight traditions. He has taught mindfulness, insight and abhidhamma retreats in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US since 1991.

As a co-founding Director and Guiding Teacher of the Vipassana Metta Foundation along with Kamala Masters, they have overseen development of “Ho’omalamalama,” a 17-acre dhamma sanctuary and hermitage on Maui where they have planted more than 2500 fruit, shade, tropical hardwood and native Hawaiian trees.

Beginning in 2005, he has directed the Myanmar Schools Project: the compassionate response by the Vipassana Metta Foundation, to the need for educational facilities in Myanmar. To date (2016), they have built or renovated 100 schools, 5 clinics and 5 nunneries in Burma.

In 2000, he initiated a project to develop and lead the Vipassana Metta Foundation Translation Committee, a team of current and former Burmese and Western monastics well practiced in the Mahāsi Sayadaw tradition of vipassana, to translate, edit and publish Mahāsi Sayadaw’s Manual of Insight in English. This authoritative and comprehensive meditation manual was published by Wisdom Publications in May, 2016.




Kamala Masters

Began practicing in 1975.  Trained by Anagarika Munindra and Sayadaw U Pandita, and continuing her practice with U Tejaniya, she offers the dharma in the US and abroad in a way that nourishes the natural inner growth of compassion and wisdom.  She is co-founder of Vipassana Metta on Maui, is a Guiding Teaching and is on the Board of Directors of Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.



Guy Armstrong

Has practiced insight meditation for over 20 years.

His training includes practice as a Buddhist monk in Thailand with Ajahn Buddhadasa.
He began teaching in 1984 and has led retreats in the US, Europe and Australia.Guy is a guiding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, California.


Sally Clough

Began practicing vipassana meditation in India in 1981.

She spent five years in England, where she managed a retreat center and was a founding member of the Sharpham meditation community.

When she moved to California in 1988, she continued her dharma service at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in a number of roles, including executive director.

Sally began teaching in 1996, and is one of the guiding teachers of Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioner Program.

Patrick Kearney

Patrick began Buddhist meditation in Sri Lanka in 1976. The following year he became a member of the fledgling Sydney Zen Group, which has since developed into the Sydney Zen Centre. After five years of Zen practice he returned to Asia to practice in the Theravada tradition, and since 1984 he has been part of the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma, training chiefly under Sayadaw U Pandita and John Hale. His first Zen teacher was Robert Aitken Roshi, and in 2000 he resumed his Zen study under Paul Maloney Roshi.  Patrick teaches retreats, classes and workshops in Australia and overseas. He focuses on teaching the craft of meditation. The style he teaches is satipatthana vipassana (the insight that arises from establishing mindfulness), and he seeks to create the conditions in which his students can become independent in their practice. He emphasises the role of the body in meditation practice, and trains in the Stretch Therapy modality created by Kit Laughlin. For examples of his writing and for audio downloads of his talks, visit dharmasalon.net.


More information on Patrick’s workshops

Ariya B. BaumannAriya Baumann

Ariya Baumann was born and raised in Switzerland. She started to practise meditation during her training as a music and dance teacher at the conservatory in Zürich. In 1992, she went to Myanmar (Burma) and ordained as a nun under Sayadaw U Janaka and for many years she practised vipassana and metta meditation under his guidance. Later she assisted the Sayadaws by translating talks and interviews for foreign meditators. In 2006, she changed to the Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Centre, Yangon, where she assisted Sayadaw U Indaka as well as teaching the foreign meditators herself.

In 2013, she disrobed and is now based in Switzerland from where she continues to teach vipassana and metta meditation courses worldwide besides taking care of her old father.

She has translated a number of Dhamma books from Burmese to English and German. These books include Mahasi Sayadaw’s ‘Manual of Insight’ and Sayadaw U Indaka’s books on ‘Metta’ and ‘The Factors of Enlightenment’.

She is a co-founder and president of ‘Metta In Action’ which supports a variety of social and medical projects in Burma, especially nunneries.



Sayadaw U Tejaniya