Patrick Kearney May 10-19, 2019

Patrick Kearney teaches in the lineage of Mahāsī Sayādaw. He has trained in both the Mahasi approach to Satipatthana and in the Diamond Sangha lineage of Zen Buddhism.

Patrick has a particular interest in the original teachings of the Buddha before Theravada or Mahayana were created. He seeks to bring his understanding of the early texts to the practice of dharma in the contemporary world.

This retreat will explore mindfulness meditation (Satipatthana) as taught by the Buddha. Designed for both beginners and experienced students the practice will cover mindfulness of body, mind, and emotions, as well as exploring possibilities for transformation in the way we live our everyday lives.

Patrick provides a morning practice workshop that focuses on the practical details of Satipatthana practice along with an evening talk that explores the Buddha’s teaching on a more general level. A posture and flexibility session each morning will ease the physical demands of practice. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing for these sessions.

This will be a 5 Precept Retreat and simple vegetarian meals will be provided, including a light evening meal.