Dedicated Dharma Practitioners Study Group

RTEmagicC_bouddha.jpgThe DDP (Dedicated Dharma Practitioners) is a practice curriculum group that includes meditation, study, reflection, investigation and the jewel of sangha. Our intention is to challenge, broaden and vitalize our understanding and embodiment of central Buddhist teachings through in-depth study, reflection and practice.

We are currently a small group of members who would warmly welcome experienced practitioners who wish to join us in deepening and broadening their understanding, embodiment and realisation of the dharma.

We meet once a month in Shenton Park to discuss our insights and struggles with relation to the different topics of the month.

Our special sangha provides us with a unique and wonderful opportunity to explore, share, inspire and support one another in our otherwise very private practice of meditation. And we frequently top off each meeting with the sharing of delicious homemade cake!


If you’d like more information about our group, please contact:
Laura Bernay – Email