This is a precious time for mindfulness practice and a rare opportunity to cultivate and deepen wisdom and compassion.

Retreats emphasize continuity of mindfulness and the refinement of precise open awareness. They are conducted in Noble Silence.

Each retreat involves a great deal of organization and both organizers and teachers commit to ensure that the retreat is beneficial for all Yogis.  The stability of a retreat is dependent upon participants arriving on time and not leaving until the full retreat has finished. This helps management in getting everyone settled and helps with the continuity of yogi jobs.  More importantly however are the Spiritual aspects of the retreat. Teachers find that Yogis get more benefit if they participate in the complete retreat, that means being present for the opening Dhamma Talk and Instructions and being part of the Closing Ceremonies.

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  • Kamala Masters December 2017 – The Sure Hearts Release Retreat

    December 1 – December 10, 2017

    Kamala Masters began practising in 1975.  Trained by Anagarika Munindra and Sayadaw U Pandita, and continuing her practice with U Tejaniya, she offers the dharma in the US and abroad in a way that nourishes the natural inner growth of compassion and wisdom.  She is co-founder of Vipassana Metta on Maui, is a Guiding Teaching and is on the Board of Directors of Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.

    This Retreat will explore the gradual steps laid out by the Budddha that lead to the sure heart’s release: the purification of conduct, the purification of mind through concentration and insight, and the basic stages of insight knowledge that lead to the transformation of the mind/heart. Many of the teachings will draw from the path of awakening as described in the late Mahasi Sayadaw’s “Manual of Insight.” a newly translated and recently published work by Wisdom Publications.  These inseparable and mutually reinforcing Dhamma understandings cultivate unshakable faith in the efficacy of the Buddha’s teachings to experience unconditional happiness and peace.

    Full Time (1 Dec – 10 Dec) Early Bird: $630     Full Rate: $680 

    Early Bird Registration is required prior to 15th October, 2017

    Unfortunately there is no Weekend Option for this retreat

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    For Information contact: Jim



  • Ariya Baumann June 29-July 8, 2018

    Registration details will be available in early 2018

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  • Steven Armstrong December 2018

    Awareness, Insight and Liberation

    Dates and Registration for this retreat will be available in mid 2018. More Info PIMG Teachers








  • Patrick Kearney May 10-19, 2019

    Registration and more info will be available early 2019.

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