Dedicated Dharma Practitioner Programme

The Dedicated Dharma Practitioner’s Program provides an opportunity to deepen practice and understanding through provided sutta and other readings, meditation practice and monthly discussion. If you are ready to make a deeper commitment to your practice and to be part of a meditation and dharma support group, meetings are held once a month in Shenton Park from 7.30pm on the first Friday of the month. We frequently top off each meeting with the sharing of delicious homemade cake! Please contact Laura Bernay –


Weekly Meditation Sitting Groups

Regularly sitting with a supportive group can create a nourishing space in your week and lift your individual practice. These groups are run by PIMG members.  If you are traveling in the South West feel free to visit the Margaret River group.

There are no charges for the Weekly Meditation Groups.

Shenton Park:
Monday evenings 7.30pm.
Contact: Laura

Margaret River:
Tuesdays 1pm
Thursdays 6pm
Contact: Anne 9758 8631 or Mob: 0417 996 787.